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Thanks for stopping by my Photography Page. I know there are lots of us photographers out there and so many do a great job. As a mother and as someone who's passionate about photography, I enjoy meeting, working and growing with families. Newborns to Seniors I strive to capture more than just a portrait. I want you to be able to hold a photo in your hand that will take you back to the moment in time it was taken and everything about that person at that time, because let's face it, those moments flash by us and as busy as this world has become, it's hard for us to remember back when.

I know this because I've got five children of my own. That’s where my fascination for photography started. I realized early on just how fast they grow and I wanted to capture every phase of their lives. My style of photography is realistic and when I hold a photograph I want to instantly go back to that moment and remember every detail of their little faces, what their hands felt like in mine, what they felt like when I held them or hugged them. Therefore, my editing, posing and props and backgrounds are all kept relatively simple to focus on the perfect subjects I’m photographing.

Whether you're a brand new mommy, someone who's been in the game for a few years (like me) or your baby is graduating, one fact remains true: photographs of your children are so important. Not just because they grow and change so fast, but because they last forever and photos are priceless treasures!

My family is the most important to me, second only to our Great and Gracious God and I'm so thankful everyday for the blessings he's bestowed upon me. In addition to managing all the chaos (and I say chaos in a good way, because I wouldn’t have it any other way) that comes along with my 5 kids and their busy schedules, I pride myself on my family photography business specializing in newborns to Seniors and all the family life in between. Nothing is more important than family and I hope that you will allow me to journey along with yours and create those everlasting photos for you.  

Enough gabbing about me, though. As you flip through, I hope you find the answers to your questions. Should you have any more questions or simply want to talk, I'm always here.


Live Life Big and Be Blessed :0)


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